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Pat Brunette
Pat Loves his Women and Guitars Dirty
He has played with the likes of "Guestar", "Hot Headed", and a few others
In approxamatly 2004 Pat started original night in his basement, which spawned O.F.R.
Pat has been playing consistantly for about 40 years

"Mikie" Kruse
Some of my earliest musical memories are of my Dad. He owned a few JukeBoxes’ in some of the bars around Okabena. My Mom would track the latest hit’s and the record company would deliver a box of 45’s. I got to hear every cool tune from the 70’s and early 80’s powered by high horsepower tube amps at healthy volumes!
By age 4, I was standing up on the church pews on Sunday, beltin’ it out. My “can’t go back” moment was Iron Maiden in 8th grade. I HAD to be a musician! My first high school band was Phalanx-great band. Followed by SkelderGate-great band. Then a stint on both the musical and technical end in Rebel-crazy band. A short time at “Guitar Works” as an apprentice luthier to the stars and local luminaries. Then came the infamous Dark Horse/Dan Cleveland/Driver 23 fiasco where I left some of my very best work unfinished.
After some more
 engineering experience, I landed in GueStar. From ’94-’99, we went on the “Great American Bait Shop Tour”. We lived and laughed our asses off. After that, I went on a twelve year hiatus from music. 2012 marked my return to music.
With the old gang, in O.F.R---------------------------It’s Good to be Home.

Craig Swanson
Craig has been a student of music for over 50yrs. Beginning with piano lessons at age 10. He played 2 piano recitals before starting to play the snare drum, courtesy of the Mpls Public schools. It was there he played in the orchestra, concert, marching and jazz bands. He also studied as a music major at Normandale Jr. College. He got a full set of drums at age 14 and started playing in working bands in the summer of 1967. These projects include "The Radiant Blues" soul & r&b, "Edison Homestead" folk rock, "hundred aaker would" progressive rock, "The Diehards" blues and rock and "Guestar" Top 40 rock. His influences include John Bonham (Zeppelin), Keith Moon (The Who), Mitch Mitchell (Jimi Hendrix Exp), Ginger Baker (Cream), Pete Thomas (Elvis Costello) and Bill Bruford (Yes, King Crimson & Earthworks). Craig plays with a style full of intensity, energy and dynamics. He loves listening to music as much as playing and has a deep appreciation for ALL styles of music. He brings considerable experience and devotion to OFR's original music.

Tony Brunette
Bass Guitar
Tony has been playing Guitar for about 40 years.
He took over Bass playing responsabilities when "Animal" blew out his shoulder.
Tony has played with many bands over the years including guestar.

Jeff "ANIMAL" Green
Lead Vocals
Animal hails from parts unknown. He started singing in church, and gradeschool shows but he has been singing in a band for 30 years. most of which with a Bass guitar in his hands. He started out his career with a project called "Anthem". in the early 80's. When Anthem broke up he spent some time in a few small projects until the late 80's.
In 1988 "Guestar" was formed. between 88 and 93. he managed to keep the project going, sometimes being the only original member. In 1993 Guestar took off on a eight year run. The first five of those years were extremely successful. Warming up for "Jimmy Van Zant" at the reopening of the barn. Not to mention the making and selling of their own tapes. Then "Guestar" then had a personal change. After 6 months they were back on track, and continuing on for another 3 years. After 8 years he took a well earned break. In 2002 Animal got a call from a band called Dunlop's Hooligans to sit in for a couple of gigs as a Bass player. He ended up staying for 2-3 years, and had a blast.
After he left that project he knew that he had a need to be a Front Man, it just seemed to fit. From 2006-2012 he found himself in Two projects, Bullseye, and OFR. He found he needed a rest from Bullseye in September of 2011. Once he blew out his shoulder he couldn't even play bass with O.F.R. anymore.
Since he wites lyrics and could sing, he could still be a contributing member of O.F.R.
And So It Is!

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