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Heartache and Evil

Heartache and Evil

You know your killing me with the way youíre putting me down
You got everybody thinking that Iím just a lonely clown
Baby you arenít treating me right
Now Iím starting to see the light
Thereís no way that I can fight
Your heart-ache and evil

Well you grabbed my heart and you ripped it right out of my chest
All of this time I was still giving you my best
You were screwing people all over town
You threw my heart on the ground
You turned your world upside down
Youíre heart-ache and evil


I donít want to see you cry and I donít want to make no scene
I donít know what I ever did to make you so god damn mean
Baby you know you want me dead
Go kill some other guy instead
Maybe itís just Time I shed
Youíre heart-ache and evil

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