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River City Crack Whore

River City Crack Whore

Momma’s missing at the age of eight you know that there’ll be trouble coming out of the gate for her.
It was all a blur.

Her daddy raped her at the age of ten, almost got busted but he did it again tough too.
She’s gonna come unglued.

The river city Crack whore was born, and now the gig is on
She’s about half gone and she’s going to keep rolling, rolling right down hill.
What a poison pill
12 years old she’s out walking the streets, smoking pot and drinking and there’s nothing to eat at home,
Throw the dog a bone
16 years and she’d had enough; she runs away from home sugar daddy yea that’s the stuff she needs,
She’ll say pretty please


Not long after she’s out working the streets it seems her sugar daddy couldn’t fill all her needs
Now she’s on her knees

Not much left in the in her mind it seems
Spends all her time thinking bout a life of broken dreams
It’s an ugly scene

Chorus X2

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