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Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction

The way youíre acting now you treat it like a game
If you ask Iíll tell you that Iím to blame
Oh the way youíre treating me it hurts down to my soul
Even still I just canít break your hold.
Oh momma you tore me up inside
No place for me to run and hide
I canít believe Iím still on this ride
You are my Kryptonite, my Demon, my downfall
But yet you know I gave it all.
You got me tore up twisted jumbled in my head
Sometimes Iíd just as soon be dead
Bridge XX only
Donít know if I can take another day
Want so bad to run away
I know that itís a fatal attraction
I know that I should leave
Canít break your iron grip of criminal action
And I still want to believe

Oh the way you led me on the way that you played me
Why did it take me this long to see?
But now I know my fate my eyes are open wide
Iím not something you can cast aside
Just give it one more chance thatís what I always think
But now I stand here on the brink
The one more chances glass has just about run dry
Maybe now itís just my time to fly.
Bridge XX only
Solo ----Out

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