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I Miss You

I Miss You

I was so glad that I found you
We both wanted this to last
Way back then we lived hard and fast

Life back then was perfect
It was just how things should be
We spent all our time young wild and free
When you began to doubt me YEA I said let me make it clear
Because I love you, and I need you, and baby you know that I miss you when your not here

Minutes changed to hours, hours changed to years
We shared with each others hopes and fears

We took the world together, Thick and thin come what might
I knew you’d holding me close at night
By then I didn’t have to say it YEA but I still made clear
Chorus solo-x2

We thought this would last forever, together side by side
You know I wanted you to be my bride

We never know what fate will choose some will win some will lose
You’re never ready to hear the news.
In the wind I still hear your voice; in the sky I can see you smile

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