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Play What You Got

Play What You Got

She’s long lovely legs that go up to the back of her neck
But living with that woman sure would make me a wreck
She’s got long silky hair and beautiful do-me-eyes
But let me tell you buddy this may come as a big surprise
I don’t want a supermodel to be my honey
And I don’t give a damn if she makes a lot of money
As log as she knows just how to hold me tight.

My little baby is all plain Jane
But she ain’t ugly, she ain’t hooked on cocaine
And she’s my little baby

Guys who get hot women, they all lost their minds
I stick with my baby; I know she’s one of a kind
When I’m with her the skies are sunny
And I don’t give a damn if i have a lot of money
And I know when I get home she’ll be waiting for me

My little baby’s alright by me.
She really don’t smolder but she’s just what I need
Because she’s my little baby.

I’ll keep my baby she’s the one I love
And I know she’s in my corner when push will come to shove
No need to be a super model to be my honey
And she don’t give a damn if we make a lot of money
I only hope this will last till the end of time.

My little baby’s just all plain Jane
At least She ain’t ugly she ain’t hooked on cocaine
And now she’s my little Baby
She’s my little honey
She’s my little baby and I know that she’s the one for me.

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